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Every Greek voter on the July 5, 2015 referendum must answer with a resounding NO to the blackmailers EU, ECB, IMF and IMF who are acting on behalf of the Eurogroup or "Usurious Group" of creditors and who appear to be the effective ruling capitalist dictatorship of the EU today.
The NO vote must not get less than 90% or in the extreme case scenario not to fall below the 70% mark in order to tell the European Union of Blackmailers that Greeks are neither a commercial commodity to be valued based on their price tag, nor a "Guinea Pig" to be used as an experimental pilot project for their twisted inhuman and undemocratic commercial ideologies.

Greek voters must react decisively against the commercialization of ideologies, lead the way for other weak economies to follow so they too can get out from this dangerous ideology.
EU must receive a very loud NO from the Greek people and be told that friendships and partnerships cannot be valued based on the price tag of their individual or national economy.
Get out and vote NO to the total humiliation of Greece.

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