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Without trying to justify the shortcomings of the present as well as the catastrophic for Greece previous governments, let's be honest about this drama of "exhaustive negotiations" because by now we all know that the proposed deal was bad from the start and fortified with bullet proof blackmailing conditions and presented to Greece in a "take it or else..." style.
The bulk of this bailout deal is again to repay toxic loans sold to the Greek public and private sector as well as to refinance the supposedly "Greek" banking sector which actually is either foreign own or foreign controlled banks but guaranteed by the Greek people. Equally bad are the other parts of this deal which if the Greek parliament ratifies it will certainly bring more suffering to the Greeks and soon will necessitate more bailouts because it does not provide for job creation and productivity.

When Greece joined the EU medium size factories all over the country providing jobs to the people who were producing all sorts of products for domestic consumption as well as for export.
Wrong EU policies implemented by corrupt and inefficient past Greek governments have faced out or forced to bankruptcy every single factory which was producing and contributing to the national economy sending to permanent unemployment hundreds of thousands employees and converting the country from self-sufficient in most of its needs to a net importer of even basic commodities which were traditionally produced in Greece for many centuries. For example due to the abundance of good quality grapes ancient Greeks were producing excellent wines and had Dionysus (Bacchus) God of grape harvest, wine-making and wine.
Today Greece imports grapes, wines and raisin. basic foodstuff commodities, including simple household appliances, footwear, garments etc which all used to be produced in Greece for local consumption as well as for export.
In every neighborhood in Greece there is a branch of a foreign bank or a foreign supermarket chain such us Cash & Carry, LIDL, Champions, IKEA, Praktiker etc draining every single EURO spent by the Greek consumers
These are just few of the many sad realities in Greece that every bailout package purposely ignores to address as it goes against the rigid policies of the Corporate Capitalist Dictatorship of EU which wants its members to be net consuming numbers.
Every body is rushing to criticize the Greek government and the Greek people but no one bothers to look at the root of the problem.
The Huffington Post once more relied on a superficial reporting without doing an in depth analysis on the Greek issue to expose the inhuman conditions of this bailout deal in which the Capitalist EU Dictatorship in effect is asking the Greek unemployed, bankrupts, low pension elderly and other to eat less in order to pay their debts.
Under these circumstances, no Greek citizen and politician shall support this inhuman punitive bailout package.
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