Ministries Greek Organizations in Greece Greek Universities & Technical Institutes


Greek Embassy at Slovakia


The Prime Minister's Office The Greek Parliament
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Press
Ministry of Public Order Ministry of Aegean
Hellenic Ministry of Sports Ministry of Education and Religion
Ministry of Macedonia And Thrace Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of the Economy Ministry of the Interior Public Administration and Decentralization
Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs Ministry of Defense
European Commission-Greek Representative Ministry of Environment, Planning And Public Works
Ministry of Culture Ministry of Transport And Communications
Ministry of Merchant Marine Ministry of Labor


Greek Organizations in Greece

Iera Mitropoli Attikis Iera Mitropoli Peiraiws Greek Orthodox Diocese of Patra
Social Security Institute(IKA) YSEE Osteopathy in Greece
Pan Cretan Youth ELKEPA National Printing House
Greek Manpower Employment Organization Hellenic Fire Brigate Hellenic Telecomunications Organization (OTE
Greek Doctors Care Iatriko
Eye-Net Greek Fund for Craftsment & Small Traders(TEBE) National Book Centre of Greece
Athens 2001: Spata airport ELIAMEP Federation of Professionals - Craftsmen and Traders Larissa/Greece
Public Power Corporation Greek Telephone Directory Centre of International and European Economic Law
Nea Dimokratia ONNED DAP-NDFK
Ecological Union of Greece PASOK PASOK - Youth Organization
Politiki Anixi DHKKI KKE
Communist Youth of Greece Synaspismos EETAA
National Labour Institute IOBE Damanaki Maria
KTEL Macedonia Dermatology Informing & Serving Real Estate Property Owners in Greece
Commity of Pontian Research Metopo Greek Schools of London
Meimarakis Vaggelisnewicon1.gif (997 bytes) Komma Hellenismounewicon1.gif (997 bytes)


Greek Universities & Technical Institutes

National Technical University of Athens National Capodistrian University of Athens Athens University of Economics & Business
University of Piraeus Agricultural University of Athens Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Democritus University of Thrace University of Macedonia Panteion University
University of Thessaly University of Ioannina University Of Crete
Technical University of Crete Aegean University University of Patras
Computer Laboratory - University of Patras Ionian University Athens School of Fine Arts
Harokopio Univercity Technical Institute of Athens  Technical Institute of Heraklion
Technical Institute of Thessaloniki Technical Institute of Kozani Technical Institute of Larisa
Technical Institute of Messologi Technical Institute of Patras Technical Institute of Kavala
Technical Institute of Piraeus Technical Institute of Serres Technical University of Crete
School of Modern Greeknewicon1.gif (997 bytes)

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