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The island of Othoni is located 11.5 miles off the northwest coast of Corfu.

It is the western most part of Greece with an area of 10.8 sq. kilometers.

Othoni administratively belongs to the "state" of Corfu, but is located only 43 miles off the cape of Otranto, Italy.

Its land is mostly mountainous, abundant with olive trees, beautiful beaches and 13 small villages dispersed throughout the island.



The island has followed a historical course parallel to that of Corfu. It has been under Venetian, French, and English domination before it was annexed by Greece in 1864. Although it is not clear when the island was first inhabited, the current residents bearing the last name of Katehis, Argyros, Kassimis, Mastoras etc., arrived on the island in the year 1571. They resettled from mainland Greece and the island of Paxi, off the southern coast of Corfu. The first inhabitants settled on the northern most part of the island and obtained the last name Katehis after the verb "kateho", which in Greek means "I possess". With time, as the population of the island grew, certain families began cultivating land in the nearby islands of Erikoussa and Mathraki. Eventually some of these families permanently settled on these islands. This explains the common last names, culture and traditions that exist between these three islands even today.

The history of Othoni has been one of constant immigration of its people. The "Othoniotes" have always closely associated themselves with the sea and most of them have been excellent merchant marines. In the past four decades the majority of the island's population has emmigrated to the nearby island of Corfu and Athens. An even larger number of people has settled to the United States always maintaining close ties with their background.




Although the island has lost the majority of its permanent population, "Othoniotes" are now rediscovering the natural beauty and tranquility that their island offers. As an escape from today's highly demanding world, the island offers the ideal environment for those that can appreciate relaxation, fishing, hunting and getting together with old "buddies".


During the past couple of decades the island is being slowly discovered by tourists for its crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and exotic caves. On the western part of the island, one can visit the cave of "Kalypso" and the popular beach of "Aspros-ammos" by boat only. Another attraction on the eastern most part of the island, is the historic lighthouse built in 1872. Adjacent to it, you can visit the ruins of a Venetian fortress. For those that like hiking or even biking, we recommend a visit to the traditional village of Horio.


The island has four beautiful churches of Byzantine architecture and their feasts they attract many visitors....At the main port of the island, the town of Ammos, one can find tavernas, bars and hotel accomodations. With the help of local fisherman, a delicious seafood menu is provided in every taverna. The local police station, medical center and post office are also located here.



*From the town of Corfu: By the ferry-boat "Alexandros" every Tuesday and Saturday leaving the port of Corfu at 6:30am (length of trip; 4 hours). Additional one-day cruises provided by the same ferry-boat every Sunday during the summer time.

*From the port of Agios Stephanos, Corfu: by boat every Monday and Thursday (length of trip 1 hour and 30 minutes)

*From the ports of Sidari and Roda, Corfu; tourist boat trips throughout the summer.(length of trip; 2 hours).