Job Opening for NY / NJ


Name: Alex 
Real Name: Alexandros 
Born: 1970 

Home Page: n/a
City: Philadelphia
Country: USA
Languages: Greek, English
Origin: Athens and Ioannina
Time On Line: 2-3 times a week
Favorite topic: non-materialistic (real), mature Greek/Americans

I am 31 years old. Music is my profession and I also go to college full time. My band plays the top club circuit in the Philadelphia area. This includes some high profile corporate functions. I am heavily involved in the Philly music scene. It is far from boring. When I attain my masters degree, I would like to become a teacher while playing and writing music on the side. This way I can have normal hours and a healthy family life. I am very proud of my Greek heritage. I take trips to Greece as often as possible. I would love to have a vacation home on a Greek island some day. During my first 3 years of elementary school, I lived in Greece. I have been fairly successful in life so far, but I have only just begun. I hope that I can share the future with a nice girl, because it's going to be a lot of fun. I am looking for an attractive, genuine (not fake) girl of Greek descent in her mid 20's to early 30's with a good sense of humor. A happy, "bubbly"person who can make others smile. Someone who doesn't need to talk about others behind their backs, or put people down to make themselves look good, (like in all Greek clubs around here..yuk!) Someone who has the same zest for life that I do, and who is excited about what the future may hold. A best friend as well as a soulmate!! Distance is not an issue for me. We as Greeks living in America limit ourselves enough by looking for Greek, and only Greek soulmates. But what can we do? It's a lifelong dilemma.

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