Job Opening for NY / NJ


Name: Angelina 
Real Name: Angelina 
Born: Secret

Home Page: n/a
City: Montreal
Country: Canada
Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish
Origin: Try and guess
Time On Line: varies
Favorite topic: Top Secret

How do you keep from getting lumps in your gravy? 
Salvador Dali is the greatest painter. Carl Jung is brilliant, unlike Freud. Existentialist writers - Camus, Kafka, Dostoyevski Reincarnation is not a dairy product.
 The Dalai Llama is a saint.
 Viva Espania, Libre!!!!
 Che Guevara lives forever! Flamenco, Gitana, Duende, Sevillanas If you're lost, I cant help you!

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